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Filter Exchange Services

Lower operating costs!
Implement FOG best practices!

FilterShine Midwest service techs will remove all soiled filters from your exhaust system and replace them with clean filters. The soiled filters will be taken back to one of our cleaning facilities and serviced.

By having your filters cleaned off site by our certified experts, your facility can lower the amount of grease going down your drain by up to 60% -70%.

Before FilterShine

kitchen hood before filter exchange

After FilterShine

kitchen hood after filter exchange

Benefits of Filter Exchange

  • Reduces labor and supply costs
  • Never need to buy grease filters again
  • Helps with EPA compliance
  • Reduces liability
  • Reduces staff injuries/WC claims
  • Provides 100% clean filters
  • Reduces non-renderable waste grease generation
  • Eliminates need for caustic filter degreaser
  • Prevents dishwasher damage
  • Conserves energy and water
  • Reduces drain line blockages
  • Reduces grease trap services
  • Reduces sanitary sewer overflows
  • Lowers health risks
  • Reduces eye irritants
  • Reduces grease-laden pollutants
  • Improves air flow