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Grease Containment Services

Grease Containment Services

When kitchen grease builds up in your exhaust systems, it can make its way to your roof. And if not properly contained, it can numerous problems, such as:

  • cause extensive damage to the roof
  • cause the roof to deteriorate
  • pose a fire hazard
  • run off when it rains or snow melts
  • seep into the sewer system
  • cause you to be in violation of EPA codes

FilterShine Midwest certified technicians can assess where your exhaust system meets your roof and install a grease containment system that will:

  • collect grease
  • contain grease
  • allow rainwater to drain
  • allow water to run off when it rains or snow melts

FilterShine Midwest sells and installs:

  • Exhaust fan interceptors
  • Grease boxes
  • Grease gutters
  • Roof guardians
  • Curb deflectors